Yes, if you need to “junk” or “scrap” a car, truck or van, we will come to you directly.  We never charge for towing as all pickups are free to haul your vehicle away paying you cash for your unwanted vehicle. We are willing to travel nearly anywhere in and around Staten Island including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester and surround areas in New Jersey such as Newark, Bayonne, Woodbridge, and Avenel.  Our service is fast, friendly, and affordable. Call us to get top notch stellar service!  As long as your vehicle was properly described, the price agreed is the price we pay!

The amount your junk vehicle is worth depends on several factors: the year, make, model, mechanical issues, body damage and history. We purchase all types of  vehicles whether they run or not. We pay the best prices for junk cars, trucks and vans. Please call us for a quote and have your junk vehicle removed today!

In most cases very old, non desired vehicles are just recycled for their metal.  In other cases with newer vehicles, parts may be of use where as these vehicles will be sold to other licensed dealers, scrap yards and recyclers.  Your vehicle with not be abandoned or dropped on the street.  There will never be any recourse to you!

As with all things sold, markets are set forth by supply and demand.  When a vehicle is scrapped, the core components are engine, transmission, original or catalytic converter, battery and wheels.  Catalytic converters are a crucial part when scrapping a vehicle as they have some platinum inside.  This is the most common reason why thieves steal them.  If a vehicle had its catalytic converter replaced with an aftermarket device or was stolen, there are deductions on what we can pay.  For newer collision vehicles, the overall condition of the vehicle ultimately sets pricing.  Less damage, running and driving high demand vehicles will always command more money than totaled non desired vehicles.  Its always best to call for a price.

Depending on the time of day you call we should be able to pick it up within a few hours.  For newer salvaged units it can take up to 1 business day.  Cash is always paid for scrap and recycle vehicles.

Sell Your Junk Car, Truck, Van or SUV For Fast Cash on Staten Island Today!.

Free Tow and Pickup!